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Traditional names and nicknames
1.       tunci
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 02 Jul 2013 Tue 12:58 pm



 Traditional  names , nicknames and causes for giving such names in Anatolia. 


Names and nicknames are symbols serving people living in a society to know each other better and to distinguish from one another. Names of ladies usually consist of soft, sweet, melodic, pleasant and good words to hear. Names of male are hard words suitable for character of male. These words symbolise the strength in life style of men.

Nicknames are encountered as much more determining factor in distinguishing  persons’ identity. Among causes for giving nicknames are included such features as occupation, diligence, laziness, residential area, ethnic root, jealousy, envy, physical characteristics, attitude towards environment, saying handed down from the past, etc.

Names used in İnegöl are the names used nationwide in Turkey. Therefore we find it unnecessary to give examples from them. Thinking that they may be example for nicknames and reason for their giving, we have contented with examples selected from the section of folk. These examples may be listed as follows:



  •  Acaroğulları: Based on surname of “Acar”, which refers to all members descending from the same family.

  • Akbabalar: Members of the family whose surname is “Akbaba”

  • Almanyalılar (Those from Germany): They are called with this name because they lived in Germany for a while.

  • Amet Çavuşlar: They are called with this name because the father performed his military service as sergeant

  • Arabacı Yaşar : He is called with this name since he earns his life by doing profession of riding wagon.

  • Ballıklı Sütçü Hasan: He is given this name because he came from the village of “Ballık” and sold milk.

  • Bekçiler: Occupation of father is watchman.

  • Belbeller: Father of the family is barber.

  • Calgıcı Arif:   He is a musician who plays musical instruments in festivals.

  • Çargan Hatçe : This name has been given her because she has spoken too much.

  • Değirmenciler: They are called with this name because they have a mills in their village.

  • Elektrikçi Selimler: The person whose name is Selim has been called with this name because all of his family performs the profession of electrical works.

  • Ezan Dede: He is called with this name because he goes to mosque ten minutes before the time of “Ezan”

  • Fırıncılar: They have their own bakeries.

  • Gölemenliler: This family has been called with this name because they have come from the village of “Gölemen”.

  • Habeş Osman: He is called with name because he does not know what to do.

  • Karabıyık Mustafa: He has black moustaches 

  • Koreliler: Father of the family involved in the war of Korea

  • Kürt Yusuf: He is given this name to understand his race.

  • Lümbeli Mustafa: He has come from the village of “Lümbe”.

  • Pomak Ahmet: Because his origin was “Pomak”

  • Sağarların Fatma: This name is given to her because her father is deaf.

  • Seyde Ağalar:: Because they have a lot of properties, this name is given to them.

  • Şişko Fadime: She has received this name because she is very fat

  • Tatarlar: This family acquired this name because of their Tatar origin.

  • Tilki Remzi: He is given this name because of his cunningness like fox.

  • Topal Sümko: meaning cripple “Süleyman”.

  • Topçu Mustafa : He is given this name because he set football.

  • Torunlar: He is called with this name because he received attention of everybody while walking with his grandchildren.

  • Uzun Caferler: Because he is very tall he is called with this name.

  • Yılanlı Karı : She is called with this name because it is believed that a snake is present in her.

  • Sedirlinin Aziz Efendi [(Mr. Aziz from “Sedirli” ]

  • Yağcıların Ahmet Ağa  [ Mr. Ahmet from “Yağcılar” ]

  • Kıl boyunun Ali Efendi ( Mr. Ali of slender neck)

  • Tahta Pıçağın Ömer ( Ömer of wooden knife)

  • Yorgansızın Üssün Oyma kapılının Hüseyin ( Üssün of without quilt, Hüseyin of carved door)

  • Altı aylığın Ali Bey (Mr. Ali of six months)  --> I am not sure about this one , may be he is given this name may be because he had to wait 6 months before he was born. , or  he is very impatient person.






Note :  I think  these  are  the good examples of  the people in Anatolia giving nick-names and titles to others they known. 


Note :  These translations of names and examples are from  Turkish Ministry of  Culture and Tourism web-site.



Edited (7/2/2013) by tunci
Edited (7/2/2013) by tunci

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