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A question about the verb \"to telephone\" in Turkish
1.       Aisha_Bilqis
23 posts
 11 Sep 2013 Wed 07:00 pm

Hello everyone,

In a book entitled "The Dictionary of Turkish Verbs", I found a word which I couldn´t understand.


The word comes in this sentence:

Sinan´ı ara.ma.makla çok ayıp ettin. Senden telefon bekliyordu.

[According to the dictionary the sentence translates as follows: «You behaved sahmefully by not telephoning Sinan. He was expecting you to call».

By searching the words "ara" and "arama" via google I found lots of synonyms for both of them but still I couldn´t understand how they relate to "telephoning" as the dictionary suggests.


Any clarifications would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance





2.       Kelowna
375 posts
 11 Sep 2013 Wed 07:23 pm

the verb aramak means to search

1. /ı/ to look (for), hunt (for), seek.
2. /ı/ to search.
3. /ı/ to long (for), miss.
4. /ı/ to ask (for), demand.
5. /ı/ to inquire (after).
6. /ı/ to drop in on.
7. colloq. to look for trouble. Arama! colloq. It´s too much to expect.

__la bulunmaz/ele geçmez. colloq. It´s a very lucky chance. arayıp da bulamamak /ı/ to be rare and valuable, be a lucky find. arayıp soranı bulunmamak/olmamak to be without anyone who cares for him. arayıp sormak /ı/
1. to show concern for, ask after.
2. to visit (someone) and show an interest in him. arayıp taramak/

__ taramak /ı/ to comb, search thoroughly.

aramakla  is like dialing the phone I think

aramamakla would be not dialing

I think harmony is wrong that is why it seems hard

should be


maybe someone else could help correct this

Edited (9/11/2013) by Kelowna
Edited (9/11/2013) by Kelowna
Edited (9/11/2013) by Kelowna

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3.       Aisha_Bilqis
23 posts
 11 Sep 2013 Wed 07:50 pm

Ok then, thank you indeed  for replying back. Your answer in addition to some more explanation I just found, clarified the meaning.

What I found is:


call on the phone [telefonla], call up, ring up.


Kim arıyor? (Who´s calling?)

Hangi numarayı aradınız? (What phone number are you calling - litterally "did you call?")

Sizi yarın ararım? (I´ll call you tomorrow) etc.


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