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When is K pronounced as Ç in Turkish?,
1.       sufler
358 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 01:52 pm


I was watching the movie "Fetih 1453" to practice my Turkish listening skills.

In one scene I could swear I heard Sultan Mehmet saying "Biz Kuran´ın hiç...", because I have clearly caught the sound ç in his statement. To my surprise, when I checked original Turkish subtitles to the movie, I found out that the real word he said was hükmüne. But then, I listened his phrase over and over 5 times and I still could hear ç in what he said. I checked out on Forvo the pronunciation of the word hüküm, but that guy again pronounces it more like "ts" sound in the middle (I can hear Polish "c" or Russian ц there) - [hütsüm]. I listened to Azer Bülbül´s song "Hüküm Giymişim" as well and I am also sure that he pronounces the sound like ç- hüçüm.


*scene from "Fetih 1453" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HASuZ5t6WZg

*Forvo pronunciation: http://www.forvo.com/word/h%C3%BCk%C3%BCm/#tr

*Above mentioned song by Azer Bülbül: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtLtxQHgEZE


I searched over the Internet for the reasons of that unusual pronunciation and in a book "Turkish: a comprehensive grammar" I found information that " k " is pronounced like c or ç when surrounced by front vowels (e, i, ü, ö. The author has given examples of the word ikna and words starting with ekle-... I thought I found explanation to my doubts, but something still isn´t right, because on Forvo "ikna" is pronounced [içna] indeed, but in the case of "eklemek", I can swear the guy says clearly normal, unmodified "k" inside: http://www.forvo.com/word/eklemek/#tr

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2.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 02:04 pm

THe answer to your question is NO, not in proper Turkish.

Including the words ikna and ekle, the letter K is always pronounced as the letter "K" in the English word "BOOK".

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3.       sufler
358 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 02:33 pm

And what about the word küm? Do you suggest the actor who portrayed Sultan Mehmet II uses improper pronunciation?

4.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 02:40 pm


Quoting sufler

And what about the word küm? Do you suggest the actor who portrayed Sultan Mehmet II uses improper pronunciation?


He probably said "Hiç bir hüküm..........."


There is a dialect of Turkish where people may pronounce "hüküm" as hüçüm"...but that is unlikely to happen in the series you were watching. If it actually happened, it must be a screw up.

5.       sufler
358 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 04:00 pm

There above I gave link to the piece of the movie when he says it:

*scene from "Fetih 1453" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HASuZ5t6WZg


you can watch it and listen what exactly he says

6.       Abla
3647 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 04:27 pm

I hear an aspirated k. In phonetics it is marked . Just like in the English kitten. Certainly it is not pronounced in the same place as ç.


More about aspiration here:



7.       tomac
975 posts
 24 Sep 2013 Tue 09:39 pm

I, too, can hear "K" here. For me it sounds almost like "K" in "Kuran" (like he pronounces it), maybe it sounds a little bit "lighter".


But it reminds me of a similar experience which I had some time ago. I was watching "Düvara Karşı", and in one scene, when Sibel talks with her cousin in İstanbul, I heard word "hayır" pronounced like "hayıj", and from the context it was obvious that she meant "no". I convinced myself that this is one of possible ways of pronouncing this word. I had seen this movie later, a few times, and every time, I could clearly hear, at the end of the word, sound similar to Polish "Ż", or I guess Turkish "J".


I swear, I could die for it.


As you can see, it didn´t happen. When I watched the same scene a few months later, instead of mysterious "hayıj" I could clearly hear "hayır". Let me add that this was the same copy of this movie, played with the same player, on the same computer, the same headphones, in the same room on the same planet.


This will remain one of the biggest mysteries of my life.

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