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Degradation in meaning
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 28 Sep 2013 Sat 11:17 pm


Degradation in  meaning [ PEJORATIVE ]


Some words has faced with degradation in meaning.  Such as ;


One of the distinctive example of this type of degradation is the word ´´ Karı ´´ 

In Old Turkish this word was used to refer " an old person " so it had no bad meaning but now this word is used for ´woman´ or ´ wife ´ and  can sound rude when its used in slang way or It just can be considered disrespect to use.



Sizin bürodaki karılar çok çalışıyorlar.  ---> The women in your office are working very hard.



Sizin bürodaki  hanımlar  [ bayanlar ] çok çalışıyorlar.---> The women [ladies ] in your office are working very hard.




Another word is " bayağı ´´. In old Turkish , this word was meant ´´ previous, the previous one ´´, but now its initial meaning has degraded into ´´ ordinary, cheap, vulgar,banal ´´.


Onun sözlerinde ve davranışlarında bir bayağılık var. ---> There is cheapness in his words and acts.




The persian loanword  " Canavar " means " a living creature,  "  however, today , it is referring to  "a  monster, the beast, brute "



Another word  " Ukala " , this arabic loanword used to carry a good meaning  " clever , intellegent people " , but today it is used for to refer " wiseacre, prig person [ A person who demonstrates an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner]"



One of the well known example of that is  the word " Amele " which was in the past quite normal to use when refer to  " a labor " , but now it can be used to insult a person by calling him as amele "   as just an " unskilled worker ".




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2.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 28 Sep 2013 Sat 11:34 pm

hoşgeldin Hocam{#emotions_dlg.flowers}

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3.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 29 Sep 2013 Sun 12:24 am

Welcome my two eyes

Now explain what this means to foreigners

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4.       tunci
7149 posts
 29 Sep 2013 Sun 10:44 am


Quoting gokuyum

Welcome my two eyes

Now explain what this means to foreigners


Welfinddım two eyesımSmile  Durumlar nasıl hocam ? Life nasıl gidiyor ?


Edited (9/29/2013) by tunci

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5.       tunci
7149 posts
 29 Sep 2013 Sun 01:30 pm


Example of  deformation in  repetitions

"cümbür cemaat "  ----> " The whole  lot ", The way of  action being performed by the whole lot. All together.
This adverbial  phrase is  kind of  duplication that is formed of  two different words. And the first word is deformed.
The first word originally is an arabic loanword  " cumhur " [ crowd , the public, community ] ,and it is deformed into  "cümbür " which has NO meaning on its own. But  it is used with "cemaat " which is another arabic loanword [ community, congregation ]
So the whole load means ;   " The whole lot  "



Bütün mahalle cümbür cemaat  düğüne gittiler. --->

The whole people in the neigbourhood altogether went to the wedding



An old song  of Erkin Koray  called "cümbür cemaat " 





Edited (9/29/2013) by tunci [added the song of Erkin Koray]

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