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Some special uses of possesive
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 27 Oct 2013 Sun 02:21 pm


Some special uses of possesive


The possesive marker is used when we are talking about physical properties and discomforts whereas in English you would say ; " I have a headache", in Turkish we say " my head is aching with possesive structure. 


some examples ;


[Benim] Başım dönüyor  ---> I feel dizzy.

[ Literally ; My head is turning]


[Senin] Dişin mi ağrıyor  ? --> Do you have a toothache ?

 [ Literally ; Is your tooth aching ? ]


[Onun ] Karnı ağrıyor.----> He has a stomach ache.

[Literally ; His stomach is aching ]


Ayşe´nin boğazı ağrıyor ----> Ayşe has sore throat.

[ Literally ; Ayşe´s throat is aching ] 


Ali´nin karnı tok. ----> Ali is full.

[ Literally ; Ali´s stomach is full]

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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 27 Oct 2013 Sun 03:05 pm




The word "can" [soul,life ]  is used with the possesive expressing a speacial meaning.


Canım sıkılıyor. ---> I am bored.

Canım hiç ders çalışmak istemiyor. ---> I do not feel like studying.

Sizin canınız ne yemek istiyor ? ---> What do you feel like eating ?


Canım sıkılıyor  ---> I am bored. [ I am feeling bored]

Canın sıkılıyor ---> You are bored. [ You are feeling bored]

Canı sıkılıyor  ---> He/She is bored. [ He/She is feeling bored]

Canımız  sıkılıyor --> We are bored. [ We are feeling bored]

Canınız sıkılıyor ---> You [plural] are bored. [ You [plural] are feeling bored]

Canları sıkılıyor  ---> They are bored. [ They are feeling bored]

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