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1.       sufler
358 posts
 02 Nov 2013 Sat 06:59 pm


How do you translate into Turkish a line of enumerated elements introduced with a phrase like "These are..."? It´s kinda troublesome, because of the word order which requires the verb to be placed at the end... I´m telling a Turkish friend about the educational system in my country and I wanted to say: There are a few types of high school. The most basic are: liceum, technikum... >> Yüksekokulun birkaç türü var. En temel - liceum (lise), technikum (teknik okulu)...


But if I say like this (using only a dash - after "temel") I may be understood that only "liceum" (first point) is the basic one, whereas I wanted to indicate that all these elements that I´m enumerating make the basic division, because there are many, many more possibilities apart from the ones I enumerated. In English there is no problem with understanding, because I say "The most basic are:" and the "are" refers to all the enumerated elements.

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2.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 02 Nov 2013 Sat 07:44 pm

En temelleri lise, teknik lise,.......

Edited (11/2/2013) by gokuyum

3.       dann9
5 posts
 02 Nov 2013 Sat 07:48 pm

I am not 100% sure about it, but I think you could say "en temelleri" if you want to be more accurate. This means "the most basic of them are...".

4.       dann9
5 posts
 02 Nov 2013 Sat 07:50 pm

oh, I hadn´t seen the previous reply, I guess we say the same thing

by the way, are you German?? I just learned about the educational system in Germany and it involved these schools!

5.       sufler
358 posts
 02 Nov 2013 Sat 09:18 pm

Hayır, Polonyalıyım

6.       si++
3785 posts
 04 Nov 2013 Mon 10:07 am


Quoting gokuyum

En temelleri lise, teknik lise,.......


This made me think there was something missing here and checked it here to make sure:


3. İkiden fazla eş değer ögeler arasında virgül bulunan cümlelerde özneden sonra noktalı virgül konabilir:

So it would be better like this:

En temelleri; lise, teknik lise,.......

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