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Translation help please
1.       deli_kiz30
10 posts
 20 Nov 2013 Wed 11:32 pm

I really need to get a message to someone and I´m hoping someone will be able to help me. Thank you in advance.


Why did you send me that message? are you suggesting that I am unkind? Please tell me how many messages I have failed to answer of yours. I´ve always tried to answer back to your messages even when you know that I´m not fluent in Turkish. You´re the one that has ignored me.

As for being unkind, no completely wrong. You don´t know me so you really can´t make that assumumption. A person who is unkind always puts themselves first before others, always thinks of themself before others. This is not me. I´m always putting others before myself. But maybe I shouldn´t. Maybe I should be unkind and selfish. Because when you are kind it´s when your heart gets hurt and people start abusing your kindness.

Look, I´m not Britney Spears and I don´t claim to be, I wouldn´t want to be. I´m not a size 0 girl and I wouldn´t want to be. I´m happy being me and I´m happy with the way my life has come. In England there is a saying, ´what you see is what you get´ and it basically means that I don´t pretend to be something I´m not. What I show is what I am. I´m nothing special and there are thousands of girls out there who are totally better than me. 

I might not have the smallest waist, or the prettiest face but I do have a big heart. I don´t think anyone should judge anyone on outer appearance. Allah created everything, so if you judge someone technically you are judging Allah.

I just hope that you understand that I never ignored you but you ignored me and that´s what hurts the most



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