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The suffix -cağız
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 23 Nov 2013 Sat 04:57 pm


The suffix -cağız comes to some nouns and gives the meaning of "feeling sorry, pity and compassion 

It is  formed of  suffixes  cak + az --> cağız 

Adam + cağız --> poor man 

* Note that this form should be used in a complete sentence.


Oraya biraz daha geç varsaydık adamcağız donardı. --> If we got there bit late, thepoor man would have frozen.


Kadıncağız  --> poor woman

Kadıncağız sevincinden ne diyeceğini bilemedi ---> The poor woman was so happy that she didn´t know what to say.


Çocukcağızın kalacak bir yeri yok. --->  The poor child has no place to stay.


Kızcağız çok çabaladı ama üniversiteye giremedi. ---> The poor girl tried very hard but she couldn´t enter into university.


* Note that this suffix can be used only with few nouns, not with all nouns. And it may NOT always sound good wıth person names. So it is better to  use the adjective "zavallı" with person names ;


Zavallı Ali --> Poor Ali 

Zavallı Ali yangnda tüm ailesini kaybetti.

Poor Ali lost all his family during the fire.


Edited (11/23/2013) by tunci

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