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ekonomi insanı öldürür
1.       sufler
358 posts
 28 Nov 2013 Thu 11:48 pm


I´ve found such a quote in a Turkish online newspaper:

“Çünkü böyle bir ekonomi insanı öldürür”

How you can tell whether it is supposed to mean "Because such a economy man kills" (like sigara içmek öldürür= smoking kills) OR "Because such economy kills people"?? I mean, the right way to interpret the -i suffix on "insan", is it accusative or possessive?

2.       mehmet111
195 posts
 28 Nov 2013 Thu 11:58 pm


Virgül konsa daha anlaşılır olacakmış. (It would be understood more easily if a comma is put.)

"ekonomi insanı"nı isim tamlaması olarak görmüşsün sanırım. Virgülün önemi burada. (I think you have seen "ekonomi insanı" as an indefinite possessive determiner. The importence of the comma is here.)


böyle bir ekonomi (such an economy)

insanı öldürür (it kills people)


Çünkü böyle bir ekonomi, insanı öldürür. (Because, such an economy kills people.)


Edited (11/28/2013) by mehmet111

3.       sufler
358 posts
 29 Nov 2013 Fri 12:06 am

I see, so again it is about the comma

But when you read these two sentences do you put a different accent/emphasis, so that the person who listens to you can tell whether it is "ekonomi, insanı" or "ekonomi insanı"?

I mean, is this kind of misunderstanding possible in spoken language?

Edited (11/29/2013) by sufler

4.       mehmet111
195 posts
 29 Nov 2013 Fri 12:12 am

Evet. Anlam karışıklığını gidermek için tabii ki bir vurgu yaparız. Kelimeleri ayırırız. (Yes. We absolutely make emphasizing to clear the ambiguity. We separate the words.)

5.       sufler
358 posts
 29 Nov 2013 Fri 05:54 pm

Thank you Mehmet! I very like the way you explain things (using both english and turkish), that´s very helpful!

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