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Fiilden isim
1.       Ivy18
11 posts
 18 Jan 2014 Sat 12:00 pm

Can someone explain this fiilden isimleri (adlaştirma) ?
When we use -mak, -ma, -iş ?
Thank you very much


2.       tunci
7149 posts
 18 Jan 2014 Sat 05:59 pm


Quoting Ivy18

Can someone explain this fiilden isimleri (adlaştirma) ?
When we use -mak, -ma, -iş ?
Thank you very much



They come onto verb stems to alter them into kind of nouns. [verbal nouns]


Verb stem + mak, ma, ış

                 mek , me , iş





yürümek - to walk,walking

yürüme  - walking

yürüyüş -  walking [the way of walking ]


-They convey verbal meaning but functions as noun.

- They can form subordinate clauses by taking elements.

- They can take possessive and noun case suffixes.



Bahçede yürümek en büyük eğlencesiydi.

Walking in the garden was his favorite hobby.


In the sentence above, it conveys a meaning which is an action [walking] , however it functions as noun. Cus " his favorite hobby", it is an hobby of his.


Bahçede  yürümek       istiyorum.  --->  I want         to walk in the garden.

Subordinate  clause     Main clause        Main clause     Subordinate clause


" Bahçede  yürümek " is a verbal noun & it is the object of  main clause.

What I want ?  ---> to walk in the garden [walking in the garden]



- ME [MA]


Sabahları  yürümey seviyorum. ----> I like walking  in the mornings.

              Verbal noun

              And it took noun case " accusative case suffix --> - i


Onun her gün yürümesi  lazım.  ----> His walking every day is necessary.

                    Verbal noun               [ He needs to walk everyday ]

                     It took possessive suffix - [s]i





 Onun yürüyüşünü  gördün mü ? ----> Did you see the way he is walking ?

         Verbal  noun  


More examples :


çıkmak  - to go out , to come out 

çıkış -  exit


girmek - to enter, to come in 

gir- entrance

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3.       Ivy18
11 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 12:34 am

Çok teşekkür ederim

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