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Stressing the words??
1.       saragolub
16 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:21 pm

Hello everyone, I have a question. Are there any rules about where to put the stress in a word? For example the word "Efendim" has a stress on "fen" (eFENdim) but why? I constantly keep stressing every word wrong, please tell me there are some rules! 

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2.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:35 pm

You cant speak a language always thinking about where to put the stress on words. Dont try to be perfect. Just speak it. In time you will learn how to pronounce them correctly.

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3.       saragolub
16 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:47 pm

So there aren´t any rules or something? :/

4.       Turkish2412
259 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:53 pm


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5.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:54 pm


Quoting saragolub

So there aren´t any rules or something? :/


There are some rules. You can find some if you google "kelime vurgsu" or "sözcük vurgusu".But my advice to you is dont bother with that.

Edited (1/19/2014) by gokuyum

6.       saragolub
16 posts
 19 Jan 2014 Sun 11:56 pm


Quoting Turkish2412

Sesli türkçe sözlük




But everything is on turkish I don´t understand a thing :/

7.       Abla
3647 posts
 20 Jan 2014 Mon 12:36 am

I have the same problem especially when I am listening. Very simple words and sentences sound odd to me.


The ruling about word stress is complicated and somehow useless to master because like gokuyum said you really learn only by communicating. But I will share with you the three four rules I remember and find useful:


1. In general, in Turkish words the word stress is on the last syllable. But if you fail to put it there you are still understood because the pronounciation of letters is the same in stressed and unstressed syllables (cf. Russian).


2. The word stress is always on the syllable that precedes the negation marking MA. This is very handy and helps you to elaborate the verb forms quickly.




3. The word stress is on the syllable preceding the progressive marking YOR. Unless that particular syllable has the negation marking. In that case rule nr 2 is applied.





4. Also never place the word stress on suffixes like -le, -ken and the suffixed forms of the verb ´to be´.

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8.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 20 Jan 2014 Mon 12:38 am

Abla you are a linguist maybe this article can attract you



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