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1.       Lololooo
44 posts
 26 Apr 2014 Sat 09:27 am

Gozunu karartmak. 


What does this mean, anyone please?

2.       deli
5904 posts
 26 Apr 2014 Sat 10:16 am


Quoting Lololooo

Gozunu karartmak. 


What does this mean, anyone please?


take a leap of faith


my try

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3.       olphon
106 posts
 26 Apr 2014 Sat 12:31 pm

What a coincidence! Just yesterday I wanted to express this in English. I couldn´t. But I´m pretty sure there´s a word for this in English.

It does not mean taking a leap of faith.

It literally means "to darken one´s eye." But it is an idiom. If "you´ve darkened your eye" it means you´re ready for the negative consequences of your action. Maybe you´re going to kill someone, even though you know if you do that you´re going to be jail. Maybe you couldn´t ask her out, because you were afraid of rejection. But now that you´ve darkened your eye you are going to ask her out, and you´re ready for the rejection.

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4.       Lololooo
44 posts
 27 Apr 2014 Sun 11:25 am

Thank you Olphon.


What about Kifayetsiz kalmak?

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5.       harp00n
3993 posts
 27 Apr 2014 Sun 11:50 am


Quoting Lololooo

Thank you Olphon.


What about Kifayetsiz kalmak?



6.       olphon
106 posts
 27 Apr 2014 Sun 01:27 pm

Yes it means inadequate.

"Kifayet" apparently means sufficiency. Our Arabic friends here would probably confirm it.

It´s never used in Turkish anymore, except for the phrase "kifayetsiz kalmak." And that phrase is almost always used for "words": "kelimelerin kifayetsiz kalması"

"Manzaranın güzelliğini karşısında kelimeler kifayetsiz kalıyor."

Literally, "in front of the beauty of this scene, words remain inadequate."

"Words can´t describe how beautiful the view is."

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7.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 27 Apr 2014 Sun 08:51 pm

bu kadar kâfî


bu kadar kifâyet eder.



that´s enough.


i think it is still in use, at least i use.

8.       olphon
106 posts
 28 Apr 2014 Mon 12:36 am


Quoting ikicihan

i think it is still in use, at least i use.


Of course! "Kafi" is still used. Even I occasionally use it. But I have noticed the connection between "kafi" and "kifayet" just now, thanks to ikicihan.

Rule of thumb: Arabic words in Turkish are fading away if they have a synonym. An example: teferruat - ayrıntı - detay (They all mean "detail", so "teferruat" is becoming less popular.) I guess they have a better chance of surviving if they are a part of a colloquial phrase. Another example like "kifayetsiz kalmak" would be "irtifa kaybetmek."

To me, it seems that only old people and lawyers use Arabic words extensively. I never use "kifayet" (except for the phrase "kifayetsiz kalmak"), and I haven´t heard any of my friends use it. We use "kafi", but just as a parody of old people . My younger cousin, for example, she probably doesn´t even know "kafi." Whereas my grandmother, she wouldn´t use anything other than "kafi."

If you already speak Arabic well, trying to learn these words could instantly give you a huge vocabulary. Other than that... Meeeh... I wouldn´t bother learning them.



9.       Noordeen1
1 posts
 30 Apr 2014 Wed 02:06 am

it´s very usefull place to learn words ,but how can i talk or use this words i learned


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