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Difference between ayırmak and ayrılmak?
1.       rainier
6 posts
 28 Apr 2014 Mon 09:34 pm

Hi all,

Can anyone explain me the difference between the two verbs ayırmak and ayrılmak, if there is any?

Thanks in advance,

2.       imflashdelirium
1 posts
 29 Apr 2014 Tue 09:41 am

Ayırmak is "to seperate"

ayrılmak is "to be seperated" 

I think thats the simplest way to explain it {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

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3.       harp00n
3993 posts
 29 Apr 2014 Tue 06:46 pm


Quoting imflashdelirium

Ayırmak is "to seperate"

ayrılmak is "to be seperated" 

I think thats the simplest way to explain it {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}


You are wrong unfortunately.

Ayırmak = to separate

Ayrılmak = to leave / pull up / breake up

4.       olphon
106 posts
 29 Apr 2014 Tue 07:36 pm


Read this and hopefully you´ll be able to decide for yourself: http://turkish.pgeorgalas.gr/PassiveSetEn.asp

Likes of "ayrılmak" is explained in the second case.


"ayrılmak" is maybe not quite "to be seperated" although SesliSözlük thinks so: http://www.seslisozluk.net/?word=ayr%C4%B1lmak&lang=tr-en

"to be seperated" would be better translated as "ayrı olmak" maybe, whereas "ayrılmak" is "to get seperated"


By the way, it definitely means "to break up" and "to leave" (because you always get seperated with the place you leave) but although I´m a native Turkish speaker, but I don´t see how "ayrılmak" means "to pull up"

I´m not a native of English so I checked a dictionary;


Still no idea.

Edited (4/29/2014) by olphon [a href]

5.       harp00n
3993 posts
 29 Apr 2014 Tue 08:35 pm

Yardımcı olayım, hem bu bâb´ta düzeltmiş olurum hatamı.

"pull out" olmalıydı.

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