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Turkvision 2014 Winner
1.       AzerbayCan61
44 posts
 24 Nov 2014 Mon 12:12 am

Turkvision a contest that combines the Turkic population of about 300 million worldwide.
Turkvision Song Contest 2014 was the second edition of Turkvision Song Contest, which took place in Kazan the region of Tatarstan. A total  25 countries and autonomous countries joined.
Kazakhstan have won Turkvision 2014 with the song “Izin Korem” sung by Zhanar Dugalova, she scored a total of 225 points out of a possible 240 points.
The full results are as follows:
1-Kazakhstan – Zhanar Dugalova – Izin Korem – 225 points
2-Tatarstan – Aydar Suleyman – Altar chaba – 201 points
3-Bashkortstan – Zaman – Kubair – 199 points
4-Kyrgyzstan – Non-Stop- Seze bil - 196 points
5-Turkmenistan – Zuleyha Kakayeva – Shikga-Shikga Bilerzik – 192 points
6-Crimea – Darina Sinichkina – Gider isen – 186 points
7-Uzbekistan – Aziza Nizamova – Dunyo bolsin omon – 183 points
8-Yakutia – Ivanova Vladena Sakhaya – Kyn – 183 points
9-Azerbaijan – Elvin Ordubdali – Diverlin Yalnizligi – 177 points
10-Bosnia & Herzegovina – Mensur Salkic – Susuyorum- 176 points
11-Bulgaria – Ismail Matev – Vollara tashlara – 172 points
12-Moscow – Kazan World – Sine ketem – 170 points
13-Iran – Barish Grubu – Heydar baba – 167 points
14-Macedonia – Kaan Mazhar – Yolumu Bulurum- 166 points
15-Turkey – Funda Kilic – Hoppa – 128 points


The host country Tatarstan song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W0_eu2-WKQ

Winner country Kazakstan song :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDw4j-6wjI8

Azerbaijan song :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0-MVwiqedc

Turkey song :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmRzLKesSb0

Edited (11/24/2014) by AzerbayCan61
Edited (11/24/2014) by AzerbayCan61
Edited (11/24/2014) by AzerbayCan61

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