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değından beri
1.       latinoturquia
1 posts
 23 Feb 2015 Mon 01:48 pm

merhaba . how we use " değından beri ? 

2.       Henry
2604 posts
 23 Feb 2015 Mon 02:37 pm


Quoting latinoturquia

merhaba . how we use " değından beri ? 

I´m not sure how much Turkish you know, so I will explain a bit at a time.

Firstly -dan/den beri is used to mean ´since´ and is used when an action is still continuing. So the whole sentence is often written in present continuous tense. This suffix can be added to nouns or verbs.

Below is an example with a noun (sabah).

Sabahtan beri çalışıyorum.

I have been working since the morning (and I am still working)

Your suffix has a spelling mistake, and is missing the verb.

So the breakdown should be

verb root + dik + person + den beri (using vowel harmony)

Using the verb gelmek = to come

gel + dik + im + den beri = geldiğimden beri = since I came

gel + dik + in + den beri = geldiğinden beri = since you came

gel + dik + i + n (buffer) + den beri = geldiğinden beri = since he/she came

Sen geldiğinden beri çok mutluyum = Since you came I´m very happy.

Sigarayı bıraktığımdan beri kendimi daha iyi hissediyorum.

Since I gave up smoking (cigarettes) I feel better.

Maybe if you pick a verb, and try to make a sentence we can help you more.


Edited (2/23/2015) by Henry [small error]

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3.       mira 25
152 posts
 23 Feb 2015 Mon 07:05 pm

Very good explanation and the examples helped me alot.
Thank you Henry.

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