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Famous quote from Turkish to English -lutfen!!
1.       claireheffron
32 posts
 08 Apr 2015 Wed 11:15 am

 Çaldır kapat ben seni ararım... 

a famous quote by the inventor of the telephone.. Alexander Graham Bell

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2.       beyazsehirli
28 posts
 08 Apr 2015 Wed 01:44 pm

Are you sure it is  a quote from Bell?


It means something like "Let it ring, (then) shut it down... I´ll call you", referring to a phone, of course.

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3.       claireheffron
32 posts
 08 Apr 2015 Wed 07:43 pm

What does it actually mean? Can´t work out what the quote is trying to say



4.       beyazsehirli
28 posts
 08 Apr 2015 Wed 10:00 pm

The full quote is, I believe, "Hatalıysam çaldır kapat, ben seni ararım. Aramızda kalsın"


I don´t know where you are from, but you are probably aware that many companies put a sticker at the back of their vehicles that allows you to report any bad drivers they might have employed. In America, it´s "How´s my driving? Call xxxxx". In Turkey, the sticker says "Hataliysam Lutfen ara xxxxx".


Apparently, someone decided to poke fun at this.


But, it´s not a quote from Bell. Where did you find it?

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5.       claireheffron
32 posts
 09 Apr 2015 Thu 03:11 am

If you look at this page

1. "Çaldır kapat, ben seni ararım."



What does this quote actually mean?



6.       beyazsehirli
28 posts
 09 Apr 2015 Thu 03:49 am

çaldır,        kapat,             ben seni ararım.

ring it,        hang up,         I´ll call you.



7.       claireheffron
32 posts
 09 Apr 2015 Thu 08:07 am



I just wondered what it is relating to? Like what is the point in saying it?

8.       beyazsehirli
28 posts
 09 Apr 2015 Thu 02:05 pm

It´s explained in post #4.




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Edited (4/9/2015) by beyazsehirli

9.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 10 Apr 2015 Fri 01:21 pm

ringing someone else´s mobile phone just a few seconds extremely common in turkey among young people. the main reason is it is free. you can easily reduce the phone bill. when you decided to meet someone at a certain place at a certain time, you ring his phone just two seconds, it means: i have arrived, look around, you will see me. or i am at the door, open it...


similarly, is far as i know, incoming calls are free for you, outgoing calls are free for whom you are calling. "ring my phone and quit ringing, i will call you" is actually means i dont want you to get huge amount of phone bill, i will call you back, so it will be free for you to speak on the phone.

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