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Verb Conjugation Program
1.       Tazx1
435 posts
 10 Aug 2015 Mon 11:14 pm

Dear Fellow Members ... I had a Verb Conjugation program which sounded something like ´MikMak´ [it is not Verbix] ... unfortunately due to computer problem I lost it.  Can someone please remind me where to find it???

Thanks ever so much.


2.       gugukkusu
126 posts
 11 Aug 2015 Tue 01:08 am



I guess this is what you are looking for. This one looks pretty good, verbix seems to have some problems with consonant alternation and vowel harmony.

Edited (8/11/2015) by gugukkusu
Edited (8/11/2015) by gugukkusu

3.       Tazx1
435 posts
 11 Aug 2015 Tue 02:00 am

Thank you gugkkusu ... I was trying excatly to find this. 

The ´Link´ you copied to me is not quite complete ... beware!! ... However I was able to track the full link by seaching Google.  Full link is:


Many thanks to you.  This is a wonderful tool ... none other like it.

4.       JNQ
465 posts
 11 Aug 2015 Tue 01:30 pm


Edited (8/11/2015) by JNQ

5.       JNQ
465 posts
 11 Aug 2015 Tue 01:30 pm

Check the suggestion from Denizli in this thread:


Winmekmak is 10 yrs old, it seems that one is nice to use also.

Edited (8/11/2015) by JNQ
Edited (8/11/2015) by JNQ

6.       Tazx1
435 posts
 12 Aug 2015 Wed 01:38 am

Hello JNQ

Thank you for suggestion ... but WinMekMak ... is what I was looking for.  It is a superb tool. For me, more convenient than ´Verbix´ or ´pgeorgalas´.

I would recommend it to any learner.  One has to first download and ´save´ the latest version [prferably on the Desktop] and then run it each time when one needs to conjugate.


Thanks one and all.

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7.       JNQ
465 posts
 12 Aug 2015 Wed 06:36 pm

Unfortunately it doesn´t run on Mac so I´m condemned to inferior methods  

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