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İyi bir parça, özellikle türkiyeliler için
1.       MehmetK
67 posts
 26 Aug 2015 Wed 09:34 am

Bu parçayı orphaned land vasıtasıyla keşfettim ama adam gerçekten çok güzel söylüyor. Yemen yahudisiymiş, keşke şarkı sözlerini anlayabilseydim.


i found out this song by searching orphaned land but man does really good sing. he is yemenite jewish, i wish i knew what he sings.



2.       MehmetK
67 posts
 26 Aug 2015 Wed 09:44 am

i found out what he sings! could someone translate it into turkish?



Ya Benaye يا بنية قوليلي مال عينش بتبكي ما هربت و عليش ولا معي خل ثاني للالاالاالااالااالااااا يا وليد يا وليد حبك طبع وسط قلبي كل ليله وانا باب بيتك مراعي للالاالاالااالااالااااا يا بنية قوليلي كيف اصبر قليبي ليت والله وانتي تبصري كيف حالي للالاالاالااالااالااااا يا وليد يا وليد ياللي جعودك مخلبس ليتني لك مصر اخضر على جبهة الرأس للالاالاالااالااالااااا [English translation:] O lady doth say to me Why art thou eyes tearful? I did not elope And I have no other love O lad O lad thy love Is etched within my heart Each night I wait at they doorstep O lady say to me How I may silent my heart Will god make thee see my plight O lad O lad whose curls are thick Who shall give you a green scruff to cover thy brow

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