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1.       rezayim
35 posts
 29 Oct 2015 Thu 12:27 pm

The verb, try, in English can be used in several contexts. For example:


denemek  - e.g., to try on clothes

çal覺mak - e.g., to try learning a new language


Now I was wondering how the following could best be translated into Turkish:


I am trying to get ready for work...

I will try to be there as soon as possible...

I am trying to finish my homework before I go to bed...

I am trying to sleep, so please be quieter...


Çok teekkürler



2.       gugukkusu
126 posts
 29 Oct 2015 Thu 02:22 pm

You can use çal覺mak for all the examples you provided. When there is an attempt or an

effort use çal覺mak(also means to work), if it´s more of an experiment use

denemek(experiment: deney). this should usually work.

For example:

try doing: yapmay覺 denemek

try to do: yapmaya çal覺mak

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3.       rezayim
35 posts
 29 Oct 2015 Thu 02:33 pm



How about these two:


Enjoy it - (when, for example, someone is going to watch a film or go on holiday or even go to a turkish language class)?




Well - how would one say: you are doing well, carry on....

4.       gugukkusu
126 posts
 29 Oct 2015 Thu 02:41 pm

Enjoy it: Tad覺n覺/keyifini ç覺kar.

You are doing well, carry on: 襤yi gidiyorsun, devam (et).

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5.       rezayim
35 posts
 29 Oct 2015 Thu 03:15 pm



Can you please explain why you use






in your answer above?



6.       JNQ
465 posts
 30 Oct 2015 Fri 12:07 pm

Çal覺mak in this meaning takes dative case.


Here is a list of verbs that take dative case:


(click Dative and Presentation)

Edited (10/30/2015) by JNQ

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