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1.       EmelKadir
6 posts
 31 Jan 2016 Sun 10:34 pm

Hello I was wondering if someone could translate the following into Turkish for me... It´s s but personal but I really need to say this to my fiances family- . I would be ever so grateful 


´hello everyone, I just wanted to take the time to tell you all I miss you so. Mum and dad, brothers and sisters you are all my family and you will always be in my heart. I´m so sorry that I was not good enough for Kadir I promise you I did all I could to be the best wife for him. I love him with all my heart and I want nothing more than to be with him. I´m sorry I let you all down. I´m so heart broken, I love your son more than anything in this world and without him I have no life. You have all been so amazing to me and you will always be my family. Please know that Kadir is the most amazing person in the world and I´m so so proud of him. I don´t know how to be me without him. I love him more than anything and I always will.  My family all send their love and I hope you dont forget me. I love you all.  I´m sorry 

2.       harp00n
3989 posts
 01 Feb 2016 Mon 09:15 am

Herkese merhaba, ben sadece size çok özlediimi anlatman覺n zaman ald覺覺n覺 söylemek istiyorum. Anne ve baba, ablalar, kardeler ve sen; hepiniz ailemsiniz ve her zaman kalbimde olacaks覺n覺z. Kadir için yeterince iyi olmad覺覺m için özür dilerim. Onun ei olabilmek için söz verdiim gibi elimden gelenin en iyisini yapt覺m. Onu tüm kalbimle sevdim ve onunla birlikte olmaktan baka birey istemiyorum. Hepinizi üzdüüm için üzgünüm. Kalbinizi k覺rd覺覺m için üzgünüm, olunuzu bu dünyadaki hereyden daha çok seviyorum ve onsuz bir hayat覺m yok. Hepiniz bana muhteem davrand覺n覺z ve her zaman ailem olacaks覺n覺z. Kadir’in dünyadaki en muhteem biri olduunu biliyor ve onunla gurur duyuyorum. Onsuz nas覺l olurum bilmiyorum. Onu hereyden çok seviyorum ve hep seveceim. Ailem sevgilerini gönderiyor ve umar覺m beni unutmazs覺n. Hepinizi çok seviyorum. Üzgünüm…

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3.       EmelKadir
6 posts
 01 Feb 2016 Mon 09:48 am

Thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it. Now I know I can say this and hope they know I love them. Thank you thank you. 

Love huhCry


Emel x

4.       harp00n
3989 posts
 01 Feb 2016 Mon 09:59 am


Quoting EmelKadir

Thank you ever so much, I really appreciate it. Now I know I can say this and hope they know I love them. Thank you thank you. 

Love huhCry


Emel x


You are welcome.

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