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1.       yeni├Â─črenci
18 posts
 04 Feb 2016 Thu 08:51 pm


please can I know when git transforms into giden?

I know that gid is the past tense but what is giden?

Edited (2/4/2016) by yeni├Â─črenci

2.       yeni├Â─črenci
18 posts
 04 Feb 2016 Thu 09:37 pm

-en adjectives:

giden= going

you can translate -en adjectives as -ing in english..


got it.. thanks and sorry for bothering

3.       Erman-esk
15 posts
 12 Mar 2016 Sat 07:28 am

here are two sentences about that


I saw the man who went to school yesterday


Dün okula giden adam─▒ gördüm

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