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turkish to english translate song
1.       Roman_yk
1 posts
 08 Oct 2016 Sat 09:11 am

can you please translate is in english


Çok zor gelir bundan sonra,inan ayr覺lmak senden

Dayan覺lmaz çile verir,art覺k kopamam senden

Karanl覺klar yolum olur,düerim ç覺kmazlara

Al覺amam hasretine ne olur beni anla

Beni sensiz yaln覺z b覺rakma

Yok yok yok isteme benden

Her eyi iste onu isteme benden

Ayr覺lmam, ayr覺lmam senden

Bir tesadüf ak deil bu,y覺llar geçti üstünden

Bitecek büyük ask覺m覺z,yaz覺k bir hiç yüzünden

Yetmedi mi çektirdiin, beni art覺k alatma

Ben her eye raz覺y覺m,beni sensiz b覺rakma

Beni sensiz yaln覺z b覺rakma

2.       Jstcr
9 posts
 13 Oct 2016 Thu 02:18 pm

Amateur-Quick Translation: hope it helps


Belive me it is difficult to breaking apart from you upon this moment

I´ll never set aside from you, it gives a unbearable burden to my heart

Darkness shall be my path, i ll fall into abyss.

I can not get used to your absence, please understand me


Dont leave me alone, alone with your absence

No no no dont ask for it

I cant breaking apart, breaking apart from you

it is not the coincidental love, many years have been passed

Our love  may be ended for nothing meaninglessly

Isnt it enough for what you have done to me,

Do not make me cry more

Dont leave me without you, I have consent for everything

Dont leave me without you.

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