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Turkish to English translation II
1.       aruwin
118 posts
 13 Dec 2016 Tue 03:07 am

Hello, people!

Is there anyone here who can help translate these, please?


00:24 - 00:28


07:35 - 07:40


12:36 - 12:40


14:15 - 14:19


16:56 - 16:59


17:10 - 17:11


21:12 - 21:15


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2.       Juliann
1 posts
 13 Dec 2016 Tue 04:00 pm

Can someone translate Turkish to English for me please?

3.       scalpel - -
203 posts
 14 Dec 2016 Wed 05:30 am


Quoting aruwin

Hello, people!

Is there anyone here who can help translate these, please?


00:24 - 00:28

- Metanetinizi koruyun, Sultan覺m.

- My Sultan, please, keep your fortitude strong.


07:35 - 07:40

- Elimde öylece ölü gibi duruyordu.

- (s/he) was laying in my hands, as if lifeless. 


12:36 - 12:40

- Ayn覺 benim ay yüzlü k覺z覺m覺n bebeklii.

- (it´s) just like my bright-faced daughter´s babyhood.


14:15 - 14:19

- Nurtopu gibi bir olu oldu.

- She gave a birth a healthy baby boy


16:56 - 16:59

- Söyle, hadi, k覺vranma.

- Come, tell me, don´t be shy.


17:10 - 17:11

- Öyle demeyin ama..

- But, please, don´t say so..


21:12 - 21:15

- Ruhum daral覺yor.

- My soul is bored.





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4.       aruwin
118 posts
 14 Dec 2016 Wed 08:47 am

Thank you as always, scalpel! I have a little bit more to ask from this same episode.


17:07 - 17:11


37:28 - 37:30


54:34 - 54:37


1:01:35 - 1:01:38


1:05:42 - 1:05:47


1:10:23 - 1:10:35


1:16:49 - 1:16:51




5.       scalpel - -
203 posts
 15 Dec 2016 Thu 12:49 pm

17:07 - 17:11

- Bana ne.. Bouna megul ediyorsun beni.

- It doesn´t interest me.. You are wasting my time.

37:28 - 37-30

- "Aman" deyin, Prensesim.

- Say "aman," my Princess (= pray that this won´t happen)

54:34 - 54:37

 - Hey Allah覺m!..

- O my God!..

(we sometimes leave blank the rest of a sentence (starting like this) to the listener to fill up according to the context. In this scene, for example, you can complete the sentence as, " please, give me the patience to deal with his childish quirks at the moment... hope it´s clear.)   

1:01:35 - 1:01:38

- Hoppala! Bu hatun kim ya?

- Hoppala! Who might be this Lady?

("hoppala" is an exclamation of surprise.)

1:05:42 - 1:05:47

襤brahim Paa, babam dedi ki Manisa benim sanca覺mm覺.

-Ibrahim Pasha, my father told me that Manisa would be my sanjak.

(sanjak: any semi-autonomous subdivision of the Ottoman Kingdom. Manisa had been the most popular one since some very young sahzadahs had been sent and trained, with the assistance of the tutors called lala, how to rule the Kingdom after his father.

1:10:23 - 1:10:35

- Bahsettiin hatun muydu? 

- This that lady you told me about?

- Bu o deil. Baka biri. Ecnebi bir kad覺n. Ama bir güzel, bir güzel, bir güzel ki, ak覺llara ziyan.

 It was not her. Somebody else. A foreigner. But she is so so so beautiful that no man can resist.

1:16:49 - 1:16:51

- Deitir bakal覺m laf覺.

- (= I let you change the subject / I let you beat around the bush.)

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