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gelişmiş vs gelişmekte olan adjectives
1.       Hishamabs
20 posts
 11 May 2017 Thu 07:29 pm


what is the difference between those tow adjective "sıfat fiiler"

for example:

gelişmekte olan ülkeler

gelişmiş ülkeler


where can I use this "Mekte olan" adj. and what does it mean ?


2.       turþu
15 posts
 11 May 2017 Thu 09:34 pm

-mekte olmak indicates that the subject is "in the process of doing (something)". It focuses more on the fact that the action is an ongoing process.

"Yürümekteyim." - "I´m (in the process of) walking."

"Kaynamakta olan su." - "Boiling water."

"Gelişmekte olan ülkeler" here means "Developing countries" or "Countries in development"

Whereas "Gelişmiş ülkeler" means "Developed countries". Meaning that the process of development is "finished" (well, developed countries still continue developing technologically but you get the idea).


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