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1.       qdemir
805 posts
 27 Feb 2019 Wed 03:38 pm


You may often hear Turkish speakers using m-doublets, such as ´çocuk mocuk, para mara, kitap mitap, sebze mebze, adam madam, iyilik miyilik, eski meski´ etc. 

What sense do such m-doublets express, and how do we form them?

The m-word means ´or anyting´, ´such like´, or ´etc´:

1 Ben çocuk mocuk yapmayaca覺m. Kariyer yapaca覺m.

2 S覺k覺ld覺ysan, kitap mitap oku.

3 Manavdan biraz sebze mebze alal覺m.

4 Senden iyilik miyilik istemiyorum. Gölge etme baka ihsan istemem.

5 Eski meski bir arabam var. 襤dare ediyorum.

6 Bana aka maka yapma. Holanm覺yorum.

7 Bana anne manne deme. Senin annen deilim art覺k.

8 Ben oturmak moturmak istemiyorum. Bir an önce gitmek istiyorum.

We usually (but not always) form m-doublets from nouns. 

As you can see in the examples:

• with consonant-initial words, we replace the initial consonant with ´m´.

• with vowel-initial words, we simply add ´m´ before the vowel.

The million dollar question here is what if the word begins with ´m´?

With such words, we express the same sense using the word ´falan´ or ´filan´, which also means ´or anything´, ´such like´ and the like:

1 Manavdan meyve filan alal覺m.

2 Ben makyaj falan yapmay覺 sevmiyorum.

3 Evde haz覺r yemek yok. Makarna filan yapal覺m m覺?

Since ´falan/filan´ conveys the same sense as ´m-words´, it may replace them in the above examples:

1 Ben çocuk filan yapmayaca覺m.

2 S覺k覺ld覺ysan, kitap falan oku.

3 Senden iyilik filan istemiyorum.


1 Hafta sonu piknie falan gidelim.

2 Çay filan ister misin?

Now you can write your own examples.

2.       S.S.K. La
10 posts
 28 May 2019 Tue 02:14 pm

Ok, first of all, the m-doublets are not meant to give the meaning of ´so on...´, that is falan filan. Filan by itself has no meaning. 襤t is also a doublet. Falan means so on, so falan filan gives the same meaning. 襤t is like ´Abur cubur´, has no meaning separately. Now that we established that, the m-doublets are used to emphasize the meaning of what you´re trying to say or to give a comical effect sometimes based on the subject. For example ´襤liki miliki falan istemiyorum art覺k, sadece tak覺lmak istiyorum´- 襤 don´t want a relationship and stuff like that anymore, I just want to hang out. ´Ne olursa olsun, polis molis gelmesin, aram覺zda kals覺n´- Whatever happens, police shouldn´t come, let it stay between us. 

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Edited (Jun 11) by S.S.K. La

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