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Love or Infatuation?
1.       christine_usa
284 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 06:39 am

When I asked my love the difference between love and infatuation, he posted this poem. It's very long, but any small pieces translated would be most welcome,


On 23/08/06, dartan yan wrote:
> askim gercek ask budur tarifi yoktur kiyaslamasi hic olmaz insan
> hissetikleri kadar gucludur...
> Her Sevgi Bendeki Kadar m??
> ?imdi hangi kollar?n yaln?zl???ndas?n bensiz?
> A?lad???nda gözya?lar?n? öpen var m??
> Ü?üdü?ünde ?s?nd???n tenden bir liman,
> Her sevgi bendeki kadar m??
> Var m? kederlerini gizlice senden çalan?
> ?imdi hangi kollar?n yaln?zl???ndas?n bensiz?
> Seninleyken sana hasretle co?an,
> Ç?lg?n k?y?lar?nda dalgalar?yla ta?an,
> Yorgun sessizli?inde seni anlayan,
> Bana gibi akt???n biri var m??
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> her günüm senin sesinle do?uyor,seninle sürüyor
> gecem ise seninle son buluyor.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> kilometrelerce uzakta olsan bile,
> bulu?ma gününü özlemle beklemek ho?uma gidiyor.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> yan?mda olmasan bile,
> yüre?inin benimle oldu?unu biliyor
> her an yan?nda oldu?umu biliyorsun.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> bu mesafelere ragmen
> ya?anmam??? ya?atabiliyorsun,
> duygular?mda var olabiliyorsun.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> sesinle dünyama bir anda girip,
> sürprizlerinle beni kendine
> tekrar tekrar a??k edebiliyorsun.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> yüre?imin tam ortas?nda varolabiliyorsun.
> beni hayallere götürebiliyor,
> umutlar?m? gelece?imi dü?ündürebiliyorsun.
> ?iir yazd?r?p,?ark?larda hissettirebiliyorsun kendini.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> ikimize dair bir ya?am? dü?ündürebiliyorsun,
> mutlulu?un,a?k?n varl???na inand?rabiliyorsun.
> engellerin a??laca??n?,
> mücadelenin h?rs?n?,
> birlikteli?in tek yürek olman?n ve
> güvenin a?amayaca??n?n olmad???n? gösteriyorsun.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> sen hayat?ma vazgeçilmez bir anlam kat?yorsun.
> seni seviyorum çünkü
> sen benimle bende ya??yor,
> ben seninle sende varoluyorum

2.       christine_usa
284 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 06:42 am

I think the "?" are actually "turkish "i" -

I don't know why my e-mail does that

3.       CANLI
5084 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 07:11 am

And its 'Ş' too in some places i guess,but unfortunately not easy for me to know every one of them which one is which

İ would have tried gladly to help you

4.       Ayla
0 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 07:45 am

the first part (message + poem):

my love, true love is this, it doesn't have a definition,
isn't comparable at all,
it's powerful as much as a person feels...

is every love as much as mine?

in the loneliness of which arms are you without me?
when you cry, is there someone to kiss your eyes?
when you're cold, is there a body harbor to warm you up?
is every love as much as mine?
is there anyone who secretly steals away your sorrows?

in the loneliness of which arms are you without me?
when with you, who runs at you with longing?
who endures with his waves in your crazy shores?
who understands you in your silent tiredness?
is there anyone you flow to like to me?

5.       Ayla
0 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 07:58 am

and the second poem:

Because I love you

because I love you
each day of mine is born with your voice and continues with you
as for my night, it finds an end with you
because I love you

even if you are kms. far away
I'm pleased to wait meeting day with longing
because I love you

even if you're not by my side
your heart knows that you are with me
you know I'm with you in every moment
because I love you

in spite of these distances
you're making living (?) come alive
you're being able to exist in my feelings
because I love you

entering to my life with your voice instantly
with your surprises
you're able to make me fall in love again and again
because I love you

you're able to be exactly in the middle of my heart
to take me to dreams
to make me think about my hopes and future
to make me write a poem, to make me feel you in songs
because I love you

you're making me think about a life concerning both of us
making me believe in happiness and existence of love
you are showing
overcoming of obstacles
struggle of ambition
that being united is being one heart and
there's nothing trust can't overcome
because I love you

you are adding an invaluable meaning to my life
because I love you
I'm existing with you in you

6.       CANLI
5084 posts
 26 Aug 2006 Sat 08:09 am

How lovely poem,i wonder who wrote it ?

7.       shel_b_ann
144 posts
 27 Aug 2006 Sun 08:17 pm

beautiful words, expressing beautiful emotions!

8.       christine_usa
284 posts
 28 Aug 2006 Mon 04:42 pm

çok tesekkür ederim Ayla!

They are both beautiful poems, and reading the second, I believe Omer may have written it himself. He tells me the same things in e-mail, I am so lucky for this translation.

I will write to him now and ask him where the poems came from.



9.       catwoman
8933 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 06:43 am

Christine - a small question - why does your boyfriend send you poems in turkish if he knows that you don't understand them?

10.       christine_usa
284 posts
 29 Aug 2006 Tue 11:36 pm

The author of one of the poems is:
Necla Isikli

(but I'm not sure which one)

He sends me poems in turkish, because we have the kindest soul on the planet translating our e-mails for us. The problem with the poems is that it was a bit much for the translator, and very long.

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