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Cartoon Characters in Turkey
1.       lululy
0 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 07:54 pm

Can some1 tell me what is the most famous cartoon character in Turkey??
The Simpsons?? Snoopy?? Hello Kitty?? or are there some turkish ones?

2.       Attila
144 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 08:23 pm

K繞t翹 Kedi Şerafettin -Şerafettin the Evil Cat

but its a comics character actually...

3.       freshman
704 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 09:27 pm

Mickey Mouse...

4.       Bursali
400 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 11:25 pm

buks bunny

5.       duskahvesi
857 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 11:40 pm


6.       Bursali
400 posts
 18 Oct 2005 Tue 11:46 pm

kunteper de kimmis

7.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 15 Mar 2010 Mon 09:01 pm

Limon ve Zeytin {#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

8.       tunci
7145 posts
 15 Mar 2013 Fri 02:54 pm




This nostalgic cartoon hero called " tipitip "  that used to be  in a chewing gum. . Childhood hero of  Turkish kids. ! 

This cartoon character was created by Bülent Arabacıoğlu.




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9.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 15 Mar 2013 Fri 09:16 pm

yes..I remember...it was here a long time ago, when I was child..even I didnt understood the comics I loved them

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10.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 23 Mar 2013 Sat 01:03 am


Quoting duskahvesi



nereden çıktı bu...çok korkunç

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