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A Letter To Your Beautiful Mind
1.       christine_usa
284 posts
 07 Sep 2006 Thu 01:38 am

I posted this poem in the "Turkey" section of this website. When I teach Islam and the status of women I use this poem written by a teenager. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This is a Letter to Your Beautiful Mind

From Rahat Kurd

From the scarfhead you glanced at
uneasily as you went past in the street today
as you pretended to take aim and fire
as you scornfully called out go back to iran or
how old this is getting
i'd rather write about the sky

response #1: go with your gut, girl

i wear this for fun, actually.
it's a scarf. deal with it.

response #2: politics and the
fine art of the reactionary

no, i'm not oppressed -
not a soldier of wrath - no, i'm not
patriarchy's last victim -
no, i do have rights -
i'm not a fundamentali -
hey. Hey! I'm talking to you -

response #3: the appeal to intellect through reason

I want someday
to manage the word God in a poem
without committing travesty

response #4: it's ironic

how what covers my hair
slows traffic
scares boys
stops ultraviolet rays
starts riots

keeps my ears warm in winter.

Rahat Kurd
copyright 1997


2.       CANLI
5084 posts
 07 Sep 2006 Thu 01:57 am

İt is a lovely poem,but i am not sure what kind of thoughts you are asking for,and why

Have you read the posts in the other thread about Hijab ?

İn the end after all what was written,does it make any difference ?

As i saw,what are in minds,it is still in minds,people want to believe what they already know,they don't want to know anything different,or open there minds for the others points of view

Beside,look at it this way,

Can you believe all this fuss because of some women are using their rights to put something on THEİR OWN heads,and others saw they shouldn't,and fight it too sometimes

Saying putting something on your head not the best way to enjoy your freedom !

Can you tell me now,what kind of freedom are offered to those women ??

Check this line ,

''why did you not choose to work on women's equality in your country instead of wearing scarf and obay god''

That was line from a post in the other thread

They actually,telling her what she should do,and questioning her choices,even those choices are only hers to take,and her right to choose,

See the kind of freedom which is offered in the free world ?

So ?

What is the point of talking again ?

3.       christine_usa
284 posts
 07 Sep 2006 Thu 02:08 am

Dear Canli,

We must always talk and always share. I do not agree with you that most people's minds are closed. Why would they seek understanding on the Internet? We may appear closed, but I believe we are all deeply open and deeply searching for understanding. Please have hope for a better world!


4.       CANLI
5084 posts
 07 Sep 2006 Thu 02:25 am

Dear Christine,

Ofcourse i am not saying we shouldn't talk or share,and not all the people have closed minds too,but in some matteres many of them have

Let me put it that way,i am Egyptian,i wake up every morning knowing that the pyramids is in their places,and i WANT to wake up everyday knowing that the pyramids are STİLL in their places

Same as some people's thoughts,in a certain matters,they WANT to wake up every morning having the same thoughts

unfortunately,İslam and its related matteres is one of these thoughts !

But,as you said,i won't lose hope for a better understanding,and hope time will tell something different than its already telling now

Who knows ?

Maybe these kind of discussions would make difference to some,or at least make them know how other people think

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