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VISA !!!!! How to get my boyfriend a visa for 2 weeks holiday with me?!
1.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 22 Oct 2005 Sat 02:06 am

Hi everyone

My boyfriend lives in Turkey, he has visited me in May. He needs a visa to enter Holland, btu the first time he got rejected (the letter they sent him was in DUTCH! so he couldnt understand it and coult not reply on it. When i read it when i was in turkey, it didnt even say a reason!!!)

When he came in may, he came for a cultural event, so the organisation gave him a visa.
But this time, in january, i want to invite him over to get to know the rest of my family.

I heard something about visa invitations . How can i send him one and what does that exactly mean?! Thanks in advance!!!

2.       laura
60 posts
 23 Oct 2005 Sun 02:38 am

From what I understand it can be particularly difficult in obtaining visa's and can even depend on what mood the officers are in at the time!

I have been told that it is MUCH easier to obtain the visa from Cyprus so you may like to try that option.

I dont know about visa invitations, but I think providing a letter from your family to the Turkish officials declaring that your boyfriend has a place and means to stay for 2 weeks will also help!

3.       xkirstyx
363 posts
 23 Oct 2005 Sun 04:02 am

are you prepared to have him stay with you permantly when he gets it???

4.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 15 Mar 2010 Mon 09:04 pm

How nice

5.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 17 Mar 2010 Wed 10:54 am

An invitation can be made in two versions.


First version is just sending him a letter. Type it in Dutch or English, he can bring it to the visa (with your signature, and a copy of your ID) so they will know he´s staying in your house for sure.


The second version means you are being his financial guarantee. This means that if he does stuff in Holland he shouldn´t do, you will end up paying for this. This means you have to have a certain steady salary. Check the Dutch embassy website for more info on this. This will also count as your official invitation.


BUT, since he´s already been to Holland and come back, he has a bigger chance to get his visa this time. Also, since you´re only asking him to stay for 2 weeks (and not two or three months) the chances of getting a visa are bigger. The embassy doesn´t give a *BLEEP* about who´s getting into Holland, as long as they also get out again. I say this out of personal experience. He showed before that he will leave Holland after he´s had his visit here, so he´s chances of getting a visa have increased very very much.

6.       catwoman
8933 posts
 17 Mar 2010 Wed 10:39 pm

That was a great advice Barba, but I think it´s about five years late..

7.       ptaszek
440 posts
 17 Mar 2010 Wed 11:03 pm

BM is like interregister..they talk,talk,talk....................nobody listens to them at home{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}

8.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 18 Mar 2010 Thu 10:12 am


Quoting catwoman

That was a great advice Barba, but I think it´s about five years late..


 oh, whoops didn´t see the date. Hmm...that´s 1 minute of my life I´ll never get back. Next time I´ll check the date

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