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Amasya - Kral Kaya Mezarları
Amasya - Kral Kaya Mezarları
From 323 BC until 183 BC Amasya was the capital of the Pontic Kingdom. As a remnant of this golden age, the impressive rock tombs of the Pontic kings still dominate the city. The tombs are illuminated at night, which contributes much to Amasya´s attraction.
Source: http://www.anatolia.luwo.be (Location: Amasya)
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Amasya Amasya - View from Kral Kaya Mezarları Amasya - Kızlar Sarayı and Kral Kaya Mezarları Amasya - Kral Kaya Mezarları Amasya - Gümüşlü Cami Amasya - Bimarhane Medresesi Amasya - Mehmet Paşa Camii

Amasya - Kral Kaya Mezarları
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