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Ýstiklal Caddesi - Istiklal Avenue
Ýstiklal Caddesi - Istiklal Avenue
Istiklal Avenue is one of the most crowded and active places in Istanbul. People come here to spend their times by going cafes, restaurants, bars, stores, cinemas or just come here to hang around with their friends and spouses.
You can get on the old tram here and go all the way down to this avenue, or vice versa. Saint Antoine Church is also located on this avenue. (Location: Taksim / Ýstanbul)
Uploaded by Faruk on 1/9/2009, viewed 6387 times.

Istiklal Avenue İstiklal Avenue - İstiklal Caddesi Monument of Independence Ýstiklal Caddesi - Istiklal Avenue Istiklal Caddesi

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Ýstiklal Caddesi - Istiklal Avenue
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