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Solar disk
Solar disk
The sun disks were found in a group of 13 tombs at Alacahöyük, known as the “royal tombs” and dating from the early bronze age. The majority are made of bronze, but two striking examples are in silver. They from an important group of objects.
Why these objects were put in the tombs, sometimes with more than once in each tomb, remains uncertain. Since they are adorned with figures of sacred stags and bulls and framed with bulls’ horns, it would seem that they had some ritual significance.
The disks are thought to represent the sun. They have projections at the bottom, by means of which they were probably attached to the top wooden poles for carrying. The poles had handles made of gold and silver.
Some of the decorative elements (the animal figures and flower buds) are fixed on the disks, while others are left to move freely. These parts are thought to have made in this way so that they would a jingling noise when the disks were paraded at rituals and festivals. (Location: Ankara, Museum of Civilizations, 1 sept 05)
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Solar disk
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