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Terk Etmedi Sevdan Beni My Love for You Didn't Leave Me

Terk etmedi sevdan beni,
Aç kaldım, susuz kaldım.
Hayın, karanlıktı gece.
Can garip, can suskun
Can paramparça...
Ve ellerim kelepçede,
Tütünsüz, uykusuz kaldım,
Terk etmedi sevdan beni...

My love for you didn't leave me,
I was hungry, I was thirsty.
The night was dark and treacherous.
Life was poor, life was quiet
Life was all in pieces...
And my hands cuffed,
I was out of tobacco, sleepless,
My love for you didn't leave me...
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Ahmed Arif
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Translated by Fatih Akgül

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