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Unutamiyorum I Can't Forget

Unut demek kolay gel bana sor bir de
Unutamiyorum iste unutamiyorum
Bir sey var suramda beni kahreden
Suramda tam yuregimin ustunde
Cakili duran bir sey var
Elimde degil sokup atamiyorum
Dalip dalip gidiyor gozlerim derinlere
Kimi gorsem biraz sana benziyor
Seni hatirlatiyor su bulut su gokyuzu
Su kayalari doven deniz
Su huzunlu melodi su 'napoliten' sarki
Bir zamanlar beraber dinledigimiz
Boyuna seni dusunuyorum durmadan usanmadan
Simdi diyorum o ne yapiyor acaba
I ask, now i wonder what is she doing?
O guzelim gozleri kime bakiyor
O canim elleri nerde
Oysa gunler o gunler degil
Aksamlar o aksamlar degil
Ve kalan simdi sadece ozlemin gecelerde
Durup durup seni buyutuyorum icimde
Seninle acilar buyutuyorum
Yeni yeni kederler buyutuyorum dayanilmaz
Kirli sular yuruyor iliklerime
Bir zehir karisiyor kanima anliyor musun
Bir daha gorsem seni diyorum bir daha gorsem
Bir gun olsun bir dakika olsun
Unut demek kolay, gel bana sor bir de
Hatirladikca gozyaslarimi tutamiyorum
Dilimin ucunda sen
Basimin icinde sen
Kader misin, ecel misin nesin sen
Unutamiyorum iste unutamiyorum

Easy to say forget, tell me about it!
I can't forget, see i can't forget
There is something here, inside of me, that overwhelms me
Here right over my heart
There is something stay nailed
It is beyond my control, i can't take it out
My eyes are getting lost, with looking fars
Whoever i see, it looks like you some
It makes me remind you, that cloud, that sky
That sea beats the rocks
That sad melody, that 'napoliten' song
That sometimes we used to listen together
I think of you always, without a stop, without getting tired
Whom they are looking, her that beautiful eyes
Where is her lovely hands
However, days are not those days
Nights are not those nights
And its your yearning that remains only in the nights
I grow you inside of me, with thinking and thinking
Growing sorrow with you
New and new grieves i grow, unbarable
Dirty waters are passing through my marrows
A poison is mixing into my blood, do you understand me?
One more time i see you, i wish, one more time
For one day, even for one minute
Easy to say forget, tell me about it
I cant hold my tears, while i remember
You, over my tongue
You, inside of my head
Are you destiny, cradle? Who are you?
I can't forget, see i can't forget

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mit Yaşar Oğuzcan
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Translated by SuiGeneris

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