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Cephede On the battlefield

Aslında ben daha güzel ölürdüm
arka bahçede askercilik oynarken
tahta tüfeğimle toprağa uzanır
annemin sesiyle doğrulurdum hemen
-Çabuk kalk üstün kirlenecek hınzır!

Yerdeyim yine bak anneciğim
n'olur kızma adımı çağır

Actually, I used to die more gracefully
when we played soldier games in our backyard
I used to lie on the ground with my wooden gun
and I used to get up hastily upon the voice of my mother
-Get up right now, you naughty kid, your clothes are getting dirty!

I am on the ground again, mum
please don't be angry, just call my name
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Sunay Akın
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Translated by Fatih Akgül

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