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Antalya Termessus (Termessos)

The ancient city of Termessos is located at an altitude of 1050 metre, 34 km northeast of Antalya, inside the G├╝ll├╝k Dagi national park. This attractive city is perhaps the most interesting ancient city in Antalya region.

Termessos was Helenic city but had been inhibited by Pisidians, named themselves Solymians, people of Anatolian origin who lived off the land by farming and sheep-rearing. They managed to fortify their city so effectively that they were able to withstand Alexander the Great`s attacks in 333 BC, and after a friendly truce with the Roman Empire, Termessos was accepted as an independent city. Christianity was practised here, and there was a church, but no trace has survived. The city was probably abandoned in 243 AD, due to earthquake damage.

The most important ruins at Termessos are: the Necropolis, with tombs opened and scattered down the mountainside by earthquakes; the Hellenistic Theatre, built on the mountainside, held for thousand spectators on 26 rows of steps; the Hadrian`s triumphal arch, gate of ancient Temlple of Hadrian; huge water cisterns, ten metres deep, constructed on the mountainside: the gymnasium; the agora; the odeon and the heroon.

Termessus - Theatre
Termessus - Theatre
Termessos - Necropolis
Termessos - Theatre

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