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Discord Server For Turkish Learners
RunFree: Everyone who speaks or learns Turkish is invited to the server! ...
Please check my translation
Nameless537: Thanks very much for help!
Turkey gets first nudist hotel in Marmaris
: ...
turkish to english please
Leo S: Appears you posted twice and received a reply already by Faruk
turkish to english please
mavi gozz: Thank you Faruk, yes it does make sense to me .
zip code
Faruk: That is true. We barely use it when we send letters. But you try to pu...
İçerde - otopark mafyası
denizli: Later it was explained to me that it was related to the fact that spac...
Word Game
Hamikisi: Bugün çok ... var. Fiili ... ... ı yani
Çünkü işte öyle...
Hamikisi: Hocam merhaba , Benden daha güzel ... ... helal olsun ... de v...
english to turkish please
mavi gozz: My answer was Slm ... eski kadın beyza anne aynı
Here is a nice song
frei: deli yürek soundtrack
I´m about to visit Turkey and lookin...
: ...
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Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Major Vowel Harmony

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
Kayseri -  Döner Kümbet Kayseri - Döner Kümbet

Picture by slavica
 Iznik Tile Iznik Tile

Picture by ceydan
Bursa-Kestel / Saitabat park Bursa-Kestel / Saitabat park

Picture by ceydan
Sarcophagus Sarcophagus

Picture by MarioninTurkey
Calligraphy in Aya Sofia Calligraphy in Aya Sofia

Picture by Trudy
(I Can't Forget)

Poem by Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan
Lesson 3

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner