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襤stanbul-Ankara Treni - Istanbul-Ankara Train


Vural: 襤stanbul-Ankara aras覺 ka癟 kilometredir?
Memur: 598 kilometre.
Vural: 襤stanbul-Ankara aras覺 ka癟 saat?
Memur: Yedi saat.
B羹lent: Ankara'dan 襤stanbul'a ilk tren saat ka癟ta hareket ediyor?
Memur: Sabahleyin saat 8.15'te.
Vural: 襤stanbul-Ankara treninde r繹tar var m覺?
Memur: Hay覺r, yok.
B羹lent: Tren biletlerinde 繹renciler i癟in indirim var m覺?
Memur: Evet, %50 (y羹zde elli) indirim var.
Vural: Baka kimlere indirim var?
Memur: ocuklara, askerlere de %50 indirim var.
B羹lent: Gidi-d繹n羹 biletlerinde de indirim var m覺?
Memur: Evet, %10 indirim var.
B羹lent: Verdiiniz bilgiler i癟in 癟ok teekk羹r ederiz.
Memur: Bir ey deil, g繹revimiz.


Vural: How many kilometers is it between Istanbul and Ankara?
Cashier: 598 kilometers.
Vural: How many hours is it between Istanbul and Ankara?
Cashier: Seven hours.
B羹lent: When does the first train depart from Istanbul to Ankara?
Cashier: At 8.15 in the morning.
Vural: Is there a delay in the Istanbul-Ankara train?
Cashier: No, there is not.
B羹lent: Is there a discount for students at the train tickets?
Cashier: Yes, there is a %50 (fifty percent) discount.
Vural: Who else do you have discounts for?
Cashier: There is %50 discount also for children and soldiers.
B羹lent: Is there also a discount at the roudtrip tickets?
Cashier: Yes, there is a %10 discount.
B羹lent: Thank you very much for the information you gave.
Cashier: You are welcome, it is our job.

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