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Turkish in a Restaurant

When ordering food in a restaurant or in a shop, it is enough to simply ask for the food you would like and add the Turkish word for please – lütfen – on the end. It is considered perfectly polite.


English Turkish Pronunciation
Restaurant Lokanta lo-can-tah

* Traditional Turkish restaurants may be called restaurant or, in some cases, lokanta


Menu please Menü ütfen men-oo lewt-fen
Price list Fiyat listesi fee-yot lis-tesi

* It is always good to ask for a price list first. If they do not have one be wary.


Waiter! Excuse me! Garson! Bakar m覺s覺n覺z? bakar-muh-suhn-uhz
Cheers! / Good health! erefe! sher-ef-eh
Wine list please arap listesi lütfen shah-rap lis-tesi lewt-fen
Two beers 襤ki bira ee-kee beer-ah
White wine Beyaz arap bey-az shah-rap
Red wine K覺rm覺z覺 arap kur-muh-zuh shah-rap
Tea Çay chy
Coffee Kahve kah-vey
The bill Hesap hes-up
That´s enough Yeter yeht-uhr

* This is a useful word if they bring out the meze tray – you may find that the waiter brings a huge tray of starters to the table without you having ordered them. It is custom to stop him, choose what you want and send the rest back. Yeter is a helpful word for this.




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