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Accommodation in Turkish

Whether you’re staying in an hotel or a pansiyon (guest house), here are a few simple words to make your stay that much easer. 


English Turkish Pronunciation
Hotel Otel oh-tel
Room Oda oh-dah
For ─░çin ee-chin
Number Numara noo-ma-rah
How many? Kaç? Kah-ch
Arrival Geli┼č gel-ee-sh
Departure Gidi┼č gee-dee-sh
Bathroom Banyo ban-yoh
Air conditioning Klima klee-mah
One person Bir ki┼či beer ki-sh-ee
One night Bir gece beer geh-jeh
Breakfast included Kahvalt─▒ dahil kah-val-tuh da-heel
Hot water S─▒cak su see-jack soo



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