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Negative Form of TO BE - Negative Sentence with "deðil" Postposition.


Hello again.

At previous lesson, we learned how to describe pronouns by personal ending suffixes. So, question is how we can make these forms “negative” ? It too easy with magical “değil” word! It means “not”. We put it at the end of sentence.


When we want to use negative forms of pronouns, first we detect which pronoun we will use. Then we put noun or adjactive in front of pronoun.


Most important rule of negative form is that we conjugate “değil” word, WE DON’T CONJUGATE NOUN OR ADJACTIVE.

With a very simple formula:


Pronoun + simple/unconjugated form of adjective + conjugated form of "değil."


Before examples, let´s see the conjugation table of "değil" structure:

















"Ben uzunum" means "I am tall."


So, how can we say "I am not tall?"


Ben uzun değilim: I am not tall!


As you see, we didn´t conjugate the adjective, we conjugated "değil" structure.


Sen uzun değilsin: You aren´t tall.


Biz kısa değiliz: We aren´t short.


Biz kısa değiliz, biz uzunuz: We aren´t short, we are tall.


Ben asker değilim, ben bir pilotum: I am not a soldier, I am pilot.


Next lesson is going to be the question form of "TO BE."



Note: "değil" is pronounced close to "deyil."




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