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Days, Months, Numbers, Colors and Other Time Concepts.



Let´s start with the days:


Pazar: Sunday


Pazartesi (Pazar + ertesi, the day after Sunday): Monday


Sal覺: Tuesday


Çaramba: Wednesday


Perembe: Thursday


Cuma: Friday


Cumartesi (Cuma + ertesi, the day after Friday): Saturday.


In Turkey, Cumartesi and Pazar are official holiday days, working days are Pazartesi, Sal覺, Çaramba, Perembe and Cuma.


Let´s see the months:


Ocak: January


ubat: February


Mart: March


Nisan: April


May覺s: May


Haziran: June


Temmuz: July


Austos: August


Eylül: September


Ekim: October


Kas覺m: November


Aral覺k: December


In Turkey, new year begins by 01 Ocak and ends by 31 Aral覺k.


And these are numbers:

Bir: One

襤ki: Two

Üç: Three

Dört: Four

Be: Five

Alt覺: Six

Yedi: Seven

Sekiz: Eight

Dokuz: Nine

On: Ten

Yirmi: Twenty

Otuz: Thirty

K覺rk: Fourty

Elli: Fifty

Altm覺: Sixty

Yetmi: Seventy

Seksen: Eighty

Doksan: Ninety

Yüz: Hundred

Bin: Thousand

Yüz Bin: Hundred Thousand

Milyon: Million

Trilyon: Billion.

For example, to say "Fifty five" , "Elli + be = 55"

Eleven: On + bir = On bir = 11

Twelve: On + iki = On iki = 12

Three thousand: Üç + bin = Üç bin = 3000

And these are colors:







dark blue














Other Time Concepts:

Saniye: Second

Dakika: Moment

Saat: Hour

Gün: Day

Hafta: Week

Ay: Month

Y覺l/Sene: Year

On Y覺l: Decade

Yüzy覺l: Century

Bugün: Today

Dün: Yesterday

Yar覺n/Ertesi Gün: Tomorrow

Sabaha Kar覺: Time period between midnight and sunrise. 

Sabah: Morning

Ölen: Noon

Öleden Sonra: Afternoon

襤kindi: Time period between afternoon and sunset 

Akamüstü: Time period between sunset and twilight.

Akam: Evening

Gece: Night (After nine o´clock generally)

Geceyar覺s覺: Midnight

Yar覺m: 12:30 and 00:30 are called as "yar覺m".


In Turkey we use 24-hour system.

Immediate Hour Concepts:

Saat üç: It´s three o´clock (may be 03:00 or 15:00)

Saat be: It´s five o´clock (may be 05:00 or 17:00)

Çeyrek: Quarter

Buçuk: Half

Saat be buçuk: It is half past five (17:30 or 05:30)

Saat dört buçuk: It is half past four

It is quarter to four:

Saat dörde çeyrek var.

Its quarter past six:

Alt覺y覺 çeyrek geçiyor.

Note: For another time, we use "geçe" and "kala"

Dörde çeyre kala: When it is quarter to four.

Dördü çeyrek geçe: When it is quarter past four.

In here, we use Accusative and Dative Forms, so I will tell about these at next unites.



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