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Plural Suffixes and Relative Suffixes for Plural Nouns (Subtitle I)



We don´t use different relative suffixes for Plural Nouns. But, first, let´s see how we create plural nouns in Turkish.


We do it by two suffixes "-ler/-lar". We select one of them according to the Vowel Harmony.


  • If last vowel is one of "a , ı , o, u" we add "-lar" because of vowel harmony.


  • If last vowel is one of "e , i , ö , ü" then we add "-ler" because of vowel harmony.


ev: house > evler: houses


araba: car > arabalar: cars


defter: notebook > defterler: notebooks


kalem: pen/pencil > kalemler: pens/pencils


gün: day > günler: days


şarkı: song > şarkılar: songs


ders: lesson > dersler: lessons


düşünce: idea/thought > düşünceler: ideas/thoughts


şehir: city > şehirler: cities




Now, I´m going to tell you a very important clue:


Plural Suffixes always come before Relative Suffixes and Relative Suffixe MAY CHANGE ACCORDING TO THE STRUCTURE OF PLURAL SUFFIX 


benim evim: my home > benim ev + ler + im: my homes in here, relative suffix did not change.


benim arabam: my car > benim araba + lar + ım in here, relative suffix HAS CHANGED because

"arabalar" noun has ended with a consonant.


benim günüm: my day > benim gün + ler + im


As you see, we detect relative suffix according to "-ler/-lar"


senin evin: your house > senin evlerin: your houses.


bizim defterimiz: our notebook > bizim defterlerimiz: our notebooks


sizin düşünceniz: your idea/thought > sizin düşünceleriniz: your idea/thought.



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