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Possessive Constructions II - Plurals



What happens if one of Tamlayan or Tamlanan is plural? Such as "the doors of car" or "door of cars" ?


Or, "windows of home".


When I told you about the plural structure of Relative Mode, I said the Plural Suffixes have got priority. Same rule is valid here, too. We put plural suffix before Tamlayan/Tamlanan Suffixes.


When Tamlanan is Plural:


Evin kap覺s覺 : the door of home >> the doors of home > Evin kap覺lar


Because of "kap覺lar" ends with a consonant, we just put "覺", which is relative suffix of 3rd singular person.


Page of notebook: defterin sayfas覺 > pages of notebook: defterin sayfalar 


Book of student: Örencinin kitab覺 > Books of student: Örencinin kitaplar


Hand: El ... Kid: Çocuk


Hand of Kid: Çocuun eli >> Hands of Kid: Çocuun elleri 


Note: Underlined "n" at "örencinin" character is connection character here.


When Tamlayan is Plural:


Ön: Front


Arka: Back


Front of School: Okulun önü >> Front of schools: Okullar覺n Önü.


Back of Building: Binan覺n arkas覺 >> Back of Buildings: Binalar覺n arkas覺.


Roof of House: Evin Çat覺s覺 >> Roof of Houses: Evlerin Çat覺s覺.


When Tamlayan and Tamlanan are Plural at Once:


Fronts of Schools: Okullar覺n Önleri


Backs of Buildings: Binalar覺n Arkalar


Roofs of Houses: Evlerin Çat覺lar.



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