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Possessive Construction III - Undefitine Possessive Constructions



Hello again. At previous lesson, we have learnt that both "tamlayan" and "tamlanan" have received suffixes. But sometimes, "tamlayan" may not need a suffix. That happens when a noun describes another noun.


Such as:


"Winter night" is noun sentence, "winter" and "night" are both noun. Althought "winter" is not an

ADJECTIVE, it describes the noun "night". When this happens in Turkish, we do not add any suffixes at

noun, which describes the noun in front of it.


Let´s see it with an example:


Winter: Kış  Night: Gece


Kış Gecesi : Winter Night.


Did you see? Second noun has met its "tamlanan" suffixes (if you don´t remember tamlayan and tamlanan suffixes, turn back to Possessive Constructions I and read the tables again)


Wednesday Day: Wednesday noun describes "Day" noun.


Çarşamba Günü : Wednesday Day (We use days in Turkish like that)


Turkish Flag > Turkish: Türk , Flag: Bayrak


Türk Bayrağı : Turkish Flag (Not that "k" became "ğ" when it took its place between two vowels)


House wife: Ev hanımı


Businessman: İş adamı (Daily usage is, İşadamı)


Song Contest: Şarkı Yarışma


Rain Cloud: Yağmur Bulutu (Bulut exceptionally does not become "bulud" when "t" consonant take its place between two vowels)


Public School: Devlet Okulu



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