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Possesive Constructions + Relative Pronouns (For Singular and Plural)



Now, we know Relative Pronouns/Relative Suffixes and Possessive Construction. Let´s combine them.


For example: The door of my car. How can we say that? It is very easy. Let´s go step my step:


1) As a principle, start to translate FROM THE END OF SENTENCE. Because Turkish sentences are set by the opposite side of English sentences.


First let´s say my car: benim arabam


2) In here, we are going to imagine "benim arabam" as a single noun. "The doof my car."

Now, let´s go on.  "....of my car": benim arabamın .. Did you see it ? We go from the end of sentence.


3) And now, we will imagine "benim arabamın" as an apart noun: "the door of my car"


my car´s door: benim arabamın kapı


Kapı is tamlanan in here, so it MUST MEET TAMLANAN SUFFIX. "benim arabam" is TAMLAYAN. SO, IT IS GOING TO MEET TAMLAYAN SUFFIX!


Let´s make another example:


The garden of my home:


Home: Ev


Garden: Bahçe


1) Start by the end of sentence. my home: benim evim.


2) Walk from the end of sentence straight to the start of sentence. Now, we are in the middle of sentence:


....of my home: benim evimin. (my home´s)


3) let´s add tamlanan right now: garden of my home: benim evimin bahçesi.


bahçe is tamlanan, that´s why it meets tamlanan suffixes.


Another example:


Front of your school (your is plural your, "sizin")


1) your school: sizin okulunuz.


2) ...of your school/your school´s: sizin okulunuzun.


3) and adding tamlanan; sizin okulunuzun önü.



Another example:


the page of his notebook


1) his notebook: onun defteri.


2) ...of his notebook/his notebook´s: onun defterinin.


note: underlined "n" is connection word. tamlayan suffix came nearby a vowel, so we added "n")


3) adding tamlayan: onun defterinin sayfa.


"sayfa" is tamlanan, it met tamlanan suffixes.


Another example:


Back of our home


as a reminder, back: arka


1) our home: bizim evimiz.


2) ...of our home/our home´s: bizim evimizin.


3) adding tamlanan: bizim evimizin arka.





Plural suffix is going to have priority in here, too. Let´s make plural the sentences above:


the gardens of my homes:



1) my homes: benim evlerim.


2) ...of my homes: benim evlerimin.


3) adding tamlanan:


garden: bahçe ... gardens: bahçeler


4) benim evlerimin bahçeleri


the pages of his notebooks:


1) his notebooks: onun defterleri.


2) ...of his notebooks: onun defterlerinin.


(underlined "n" is connection word!)


3) adding tamlanan:


page: sayfa ... pages: sayfalar


4) onun defterlerinin sayfaları.



At next unit, we will combine adjectives with this unit.


"the large door my car" for example.




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