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In English, we express existence/absence with "there is/are and there isn´t/aren´t"


For both singular and plural nouns, we use "var/yok"

  • There is/are : Var


  • There isn´t/There aren´t: Yok



We always put "var" and "yok" AT THE END OF SENTENCES. Let´s see it.


There is a cat here


Here/In here means: Burada



A cat: Bir kedi


There is a cat here: Burada bir kedi var.



Let´s make it negative;


There isn´t a cat here: Burada bir kedi yok.




There are homes there: Orada evler var


Over there/at there: Orada


There aren´t students here: Burada öğrenci yok.


Not: If your noun is plural, don´t add plural suffix when there is "yok"


There isn´t cloud at the sky: Havada bulut yok.


There are high buildings here: Burada yüksek binalar var.


There are cheap shops at city center:

Always start by the end of sentence!


City center: Şehir merkezi


At city center: Şehir merkezinde


(Note: When you put "-de" suffix nearby a vowel, if this vowel is another suffix, put "n" among. But if this vowel is the vowel of noun, don´t put "n")


Cheap Shops: Ucuz dükkanlar


And finally:


Şehir merkezinde ucuz dükkanlar var.




There is a cat on the table:


On the table: Masanın üstünde bir kedi var.


There are cars in front of house:


Evin önünde arabalar var.


Hiç: Any


There aren´t any trees at the garden: Bahçede hiç ağaç yok.


There are a lot of students in the classroom: Sınıfta bir sürü öğrenci var. (no need to put suffix, "bir sürü" tell us plurality)



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