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Introduction to Verbs and Imperative Mood







Welcome to the lessons. We have told about the Accusative, Dative, Locative and Ablative modes. Let´s start at the verbs!








In Turkish, we seperate a verbs at two pieces, root of verbs (called "kök" in Turkish") and "infitity suffix" of verbs.






Infinity suffixes provide the verb to sound "idle". In English, this is provided to say "to go, to do." We do this by "-mek/-mak" suffixes, shown at the table below:



Last Vowel of Verb

Form of Infinitive Suffix

a, 覺, o, u


e, i, ö, ü




Let´s look at the verbs now:


Yap + mak : to do, to make.  (Bold word is the root of verb.)


Git + mek: to go


Bil + mek: to know


Giy + mek: to wear


Duy + mak: to hear


Gör + mek: to see


Kapat + mak: to close


For us, verb roots are more important. Because we provide verbs to gain meaning by adding suffixes at their roots. In here, there is an important point that verb root is also imperative for 2nd Singular Person, "sen"


Yap! Do!


Gör! See!


Kapat! Close!


We can also make imperative mood of 3rd Singular person "o" by adding "-sin/-s覺n/-sun/-sün" suffixes.


Bak + s覺n: Let him/her/it look


Yap + s覺n: Let him/her/it do


Kapat + s覺n: Let him/her/it close


Unut + sun: Let/him/her/it forget




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