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Simple Past Tense IV - Question Forms of



We told about the positive and negative forms of Simple Past Tense; now it is turn for Question Form. Different from the question forms of other tenses, we don´t conjugate the QUESTION WORDS; we conjugate the verb. Let´see:


When we want to ask "are you going?" we say:

Gidiyor musun?

As you see, we conjugate "mi" question postposition and we use the main form of verb for the tense. But in Story Mood of Past Tense, we do it different. We only use "mi?, mı?, mu?, mü?" according to the Vowel Harmony.

Last Vowel   Question Word

u                     mu?

ü                     mü?

ı                      mı?

i                      mi?


Because of last vowel of Past Tense verb can only be u, ü, ı and i (because of suffixes) there is no need for other vowels.


Did you go?


1)First, we have to turn this sentence into "you went". (Positive Form)


Gittin > You went (singular)


And, did you go?


2) Then, we add the question postposition:


Gittin mi?


You will understand better with the examples below:


Did you read? (plural You)


1) You read > Okudunuz


2) Put the question word:


Okudunuz mu?


Did you read?


Let´s make a simple sentence.


Did he see us?


Us means "bizi" (accusative form)


Bizi gördü mü? (Did he see us?)


Did you hear her?


Her is accusative here, we use "onu".


You heard > Duydun


Did you hear? Duydun mu?


Did you hear her? > Onu duydun mu?


Did you do the homework?


Homework is "ödev" in Turkish. Homework is accusative in here, accusative "ödev" is "ödevi"


You did > Yaptın


Did you do? > Yaptın mı?


Did you do the homework? > Ödevi yaptın mı?


Didn´t you do the homework? Ödevi yapmadın mı?


Didn´t you hear her? Onu duymadın mı?


Didn´t he see us? > Bizi görmedi mi?


Didn´t you read? > Okumadınız mı?


It is too easy; conjugated simple past tense verb + mi, mı, mu, mü according to Vowel Harmony.



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