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Subtitle V: Some Useful Prepositions and Conjuctions










kere, defa, kez


ama, fakat, ancak, lakin, ne var ki


herhangi (bir)






çünkü (zira, in old Turkish)




1) gibi:


gibi is commonly used as "like, likewise". Let´s see it with some simple examples:


Çocuk gibi davranıyor: He is behaving like a kid.


Hasta gibi: She looks like sick.


Dün gibi hatırlıyorum: I remember it like yesterday (the event that I remember is close like yesterday.)


Zaman, su gibi akıyor: Time passes (streams) as fast as water. (streams like water.)


Hava yağacak gibi: Weather looks like . it is going to rain


(Onun) Sesi karga gibi: Her voice is like a crow.


Senin gibi: Like you


Benim gibi: Like me


2) kadar:


"kadar" means "as much as, until". Let´s see:


(O) Benim kadar uzun: He is as short as me; he is short as much as me.


Saat beşe kadar: Till 5 o´clock.


Saat üçe kadar: Till 3 o´clock.


Akşama kadar: Till evening.


Şarap kadar eski: It´s old as much as wine.


Hepsi bu kadar mı? : Is it all that?


Bu kadar yeter! : Enough is enough!



3) daha


"daha" has got a lot of meanings; let´s see it:


a) "daha" means "more":


bir kitap daha: one more book.


bir tabak daha yemek istiyorum: I would one more dish (portion) food.


bir (kere, kez) daha: one more time.


b) we use "daha" for comparing:


ben senden daha uzunum: I´m taller than you.


bu ev, diğer evden daha güzel: this house is more beautiful than other home.


bu sınıfta senden daha iyi öğrenciler var: there are better (more hardstudying) students than you.


c) emphasis in adjectives:


iyi: good


daha iyi: better


çok daha iyi: much better.


kötü: bad


daha kötü: worse


çok daha kötü: much worse.


Benim sınavım, senin sınavından çok daha kötü: My exam is much worse than your exam.


Bugün daha iyiyim: I´m better today.


Bugün dünden daha iyiyim: Today I´m better than yesterday.


3) kere, kez and defa:


They all have same meaning; "time."


three times: üç kez, üç defa, üç kere.




Yüz defa söyledim ama dinlemedi: I have said hundreds of times but he didn´t listen (care).


Aynı kitabı üç defa okudum: I have read the same book for three times.


A Simple Formula:


Günde/Haftada/Ayda/Yılda (Senede) (number) kez/kere/defa: (Number) time in a day/week/month/year.


Günde beş kez: Five times in a day.


Ayda üç defa: Three times in a month.


Yılda dört kez dişçiye giderim: I visit my dentist four times in a year.


Günde üç defa yemek yerim: I eat three times in a day.


Haftada bir kere evi temizlerim: I clean home for one times in a week.


4) ama, fakat, ancak, lakin, ne var ki


They all mean "but". But, we commonly use "ama" in daily speech. "Fakat" and "lakin" are Arabic responds.


Bağırdım ama beni duymadı: I shouted but she didn´t hear me.


5) herhangi (bir)


"herhangi" (her + hangi, originally means "everywhich") means "any of..."


okuldan herhangi bir öğrenci: any students from school.


6) aslında

Simply means "actually" (to be honest, the truth is that...):


aslında ben öğrenciyim: actually I´m a student.


aslında biz o akşam eğlenmedik: actually we didn´t have any fun that evening.


aslında ben Türkçe biliyorum: actually I can speak Turkish/I know how to speak Turkish.


aslında okumadım: Actually (to be honest) I haven´t read.


7) galiba


"galiba" does not have a certain respond in English. It generally express "guess, foresee and probability". Let´s try to understand it with examples:


galiba yağmur yağacak: I think/it seems/it look like that it is going to rain.


galiba biz gelmiyoruz: We may not come/It seems we are not coming.


galiba senden hoşlanmıyor: It seems/I think she doesn´t like you.


8) çünkü:


it means "because".


gelmedim çünkü hastayım: I didn´t come because I´m sick.


çünkü seni anlamıyorum: because I don´t understand you.






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